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tw: eve (texture)

recycledcans in classicwho20n20

sign-ups for round 2

Additional voting reminder: the polls will close around midnight tonight.

Round Two for ClassicWho20n20.

Basic Rules:
-Only Classic Who screen caps or pictures may be used in the challenges.
-There are no character restrictions (but please try not to make icons of some obscure character who dies in the first five minutes)
-All icons must be new and made specifically for this round/community.
-Additional rules can be found on the community profile page.

Sign ups will remain open until April 1st, and themes will be posted the same day.

please copy and paste the following into a comment with your information.


username: tablyn24
country/timezone: usa/est
theme suggestions: feast, moon, glasses
username: elfennau
country/timezone: United States/EST
theme suggestions: faceless, companion, three, rival, rage, light, shadow, stone, orange, tuxedo, telephone, sleep, dangerous, colour splash, rainbow
username: pinksonia
country/timezone: USA/CST
theme suggestions: round, favorite, play
theme suggestions:light and dark, negative space, moon, dalek, companion, emotions, colorful, glasses, dork